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Chaotic minister by the moon is like a cake (10th Jan 23 at 1:49am UTC)Quote Reply
Zhao Guifei opened her mouth coolly. "I do have something to do, but you are seventeen years old this year." He gave a faint hum, and the pace of going out paused at the moment her voice fell to the ground. "She said:" It is the age of marriage. Zhao Junhan looked back and his eyes were as sharp as a knife. "It's still early for my son to get married." Zhao Guifei is not a person who easily compromises. "The big prince married the imperial concubine when he was sixteen years old. It's too early for you to tell the palace."? The legitimate daughter of the Houmen family will pay attention to this palace for you, and you will have to marry even if you don't want to! Zhao Junhan tightened his jaw and looked ugly and tight. You don't have to be annoyed with this palace, this palace is for your own good, you and my interests are linked, you can't tolerate nonsense, besides, what reason do you have not to marry? He did not dare to touch her because of his status, which made sense, but he did not even want the daughter of a nobleman, which would inevitably make people think wrong. Is he as good as Longyang? …… Song Duan couldn't sleep. He had been tossing and turning for several nights. When he came back from the hunting ground that day, something was wrong with him. Song Duan is not a person waiting to die, and he doesn't like to avoid things, but this time he can't think of a way to do it. He doesn't know what he's doing right. He was dominant in the inner palace, and no one in the government could shake his position. He had nothing to do when he was idle. After thinking about it, he went to the dining hall, but he went there secretly. Song Duan told himself, just take a look, do nothing else,x56 line pipe, and say nothing. He specially changed a suit of clothes, looked at himself well in front of the bronze mirror, Song Duan touched his face in front of the mirror, the change is not big, even the corner of the eye is not a few fine lines, should also be able to call handsome. But and the bell also did not recognize him, this is not surprising,uns c68700, at that time she was too young, do not remember things, more can not remember people. Washing vegetables in the yard with the bell, scallion white fingers soaked in water, cold, some of the joints are frostbite, red, very obvious. In the spring morning, the sun is warm and comfortable to shine on people. There are only bells and cooks in the yard. "The old cook was sitting by picking vegetables. He was smiling and kind." He Ling, how old are you this year? He Ling answered as he washed. "Twelve." The cook said, "You don't look like you're twelve years old. You're too thin. You don't have any meat on your body. But it's not easy for a servant in this palace to gain weight." He Ling knew that the old cook meant well and smiled. "I'm very strong." "If you are hungry in the future, tell me that you have no other skills. I will give you as much as you can eat. The girl is still fat and good-looking." He Ling's smile was shining in the sunshine, bright and moving. "Good." The cook was in high spirits, and there were too few people who could speak. "A few days ago, x60 line pipe ,316 stainless steel plate, I saw you go to get the letter happily. Who sent it from home?" He Ling put the clean vegetables in the basket, dried his hands and propped them under his chin. "Ah, that's from my brother." Speaking of Chen Yun, the smile on her face was even deeper, and her eyebrows were filled with a sense of pride. My brother is awesome. Then he began to feel embarrassed and bowed his head and blushed slowly. Your brother must spoil you by looking at you like this. The cook looked at the scar on her white face and could not help saying, "You can also send a message to him to ask you how to cure your face. This girl's family can't let the scar ruin her whole life." He Ling was stupefied, and the smile on his lips faded. "I know." She can cure herself, but she doesn't dare. How can a girl not love beauty? Song Duan hid behind the door and watched quietly, but the steps under his feet could not help but move forward. He listened to their conversation 7788, and his mood was ups and downs. Song Duan did not know who the brother in her mouth was. He guessed that it might be the son of the uncle who raised her. His uncle only adopted her. Her own brother was not in her uncle's home, which he had checked. Sitting on the steps with the bell, she raised her chin slightly and looked at the people who approached her step by step. Her pupils dilated little by little, and the fear in her heart began to spread.
And the bell calmed down, this person today should have nothing to do with her, right? She hasn't done anything recently, and she's even less likely to offend the living King of Hell. Song Duan every step is difficult to walk, his line of sight locked in her whole body, never moved away. The cook pulled the bell and knelt down, buried his head and shouted, "Lord." Song Duan answered and then said, "You go down." He Ling thought he was talking to her, stood up and turned to run, but the people behind him had no intention of letting her go. And bell, you stay. He Ling's heart kept sinking and his fingers were trembling. The cook had no choice but to leave. Before he left, he took a look and relaxed when he saw that Song Duan had no intention of killing, but his face was very ugly. His face, which had been ruddy just now, was now white with death. He Ling wanted to run, but she could not take a step under her feet. In his eager and complicated eyes, she stiffened all over. He Ling had seen his anger and experienced the time when he wanted to kill her, so how could he not be afraid? He Ling stood in front of Song Duan, and his tall body covered a large area of light. The wind rustles, Song Duan did not open her mouth, and she also pursed her lips to death. After a long time, he Ling's neck was sore. Are you just going to stand there and not talk to me? He and Ling's long and thick eyelashes were trembling. He raised his eyes. "What do you want from the Governor?" Song Duan bitter, thought a lot of words in this meeting but can not say, he stepped forward, "I." I have nothing to do. Seeing that she was still tightening her body, he stretched out his hand, and before his fingertips touched her cheek, she stepped back in fright. Song Duan's hand froze in midair, and after a long time he heard his voice, "You don't have to be afraid of me." And the bell would not believe his words, holding his arms,uns s32750 sheet, eyes gradually red, "maidservant." The maidservant. Song Duan sighed and stiffened his tone. "Come here." And the bell was about to cry, "Lord." Spare the maidservant. 。
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