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Sentimental Swordsman Ruthless Sword-Gulong _ txt (10th Jan 23 at 1:49am UTC)Quote Reply
Lin Shiyin looked at her, the heart suddenly felt a kind of indescribable taste, I do not know is envy? Is it sour? Do you feel bad for yourself? Still happy for Li Xunhuan. Only a woman like Sun Xiaohong could comfort him, otherwise even if he could win this time, he would still fall down in the future. Even if no one else can knock him down, he will knock himself down! Lin Shiyin sighed and said, "Maybe it's God's reward for him to meet you. He deserves it, but.." Suddenly she asked, "Where is Jing Wuming?"? Even if he could defeat Shangguan Jinhong, he could not resist the two of them in any case. Sun Xiaohong hesitated and said, "Jing Wuming may not come out, because since Shangguan Jinhong is sure to win, he doesn't need to make a move at all. Then, when he wants to make a move, it will be too late." She's right. This is Li Xunhuan's only chance. They have only one chance to knock down Li Xunhuan-Xiao Li Throwing Knife will never give anyone a second chance. The question is who can seize this opportunity. Lin Shiyin said, "Do you mean that if Jing Wuming doesn't make a move, he will have a chance?" "Not bad," said Sun Xiaohong. "How can you be sure that Jing Wuming won't do it?" Asked Lin Shiyin. "I can't," said Sun Xiaohong. She quickly added, "But I'm sure none of them will do it for an hour." "Even if you're right," said Lin Shiyin, "there won't be a miracle in an hour." "Yes," said Sun Xiaohong. "What miracle?" Asked Lin Shiyin. "Alfy," said Sun Xiaohong. Although Lin Shiyin did not say anything, her expression was disappointed. Everyone has been disappointed with Alfy. Sun Xiaohong said, "Everyone thinks that Alfy is dying. That's just because he has a pair of shackles on his back." "Shackles?" Asked Lin Shiyin. "Well,316ti stainless steel, the shackles," said Group Leader Sun, "maybe only one person can untie his shackles." "Who?" Asked Lin Shiyin. "The one who tied the bell must untie it," said Group Leader Sun. "You mean.." said Lin Shiqing. Lin Hsien-erh? Sun Xiaohong said, "Yes, when he really finds out that Lin Xianer is not worthy of his love, his shackles will be untied." Lin Shiyin was silent for a long time and said, "You may be right. He has fallen for a long time. How can he cheer up in just one hour?" Sun Xiaohong said, "Of course he can't for other reasons, but maybe he can for Li Xunhuan." She added slowly, "a man can often do a lot of things that he can't do on weekdays for the people he loves." Lin Shiyin gave a long sigh and said, "I hope so.." Group Sun said, "So now I'm going to find Alfy and tell him about this situation.". , "Wait a minute," said Lin Shiyin, uns c70600 ,uns s31803 sheet, "I.. I have something to tell you. "I'm listening," said Group Leader Sun. Lin Shiyin said, "I haven't been outside for a long time, but I know very well about these people outside. Don't you think it's strange?" Sun Xiaohong smiled and said, "I'm not surprised, because I know you have a very clever son." Lin Shiyin hung her head again and said, "Anyway, he's always my son. I have nothing but him, so.." I want you to tell him to forgive. Sun Xiaohong sighed, "He has never hated anyone. You should know that." Lin Shiyin hesitated, as if some words did not know how to say. "Do you want me to tell him about Pian Hua Bao Jian?" Asked Group Leader Sun. Lin Shiyin was a little surprised and said, "Do you know about this?" Sun Xiaohong smiled and said, "That's what I told him. My uncle.." "Yes," said Lin Shiyin suddenly, "when Elder Wang came, Mr. Sun Er was there." Sun Xiaohong said, "So you do have the Treasure Mirror of Pity?" "Yes," said Lin Shiyin, "but I never told him about it." "Why?" Asked Sun Xiaohong. Lin Shiyin said, "Because at that time I felt that martial arts were not only of no help to him.".
On the contrary, it hurts him. The higher his martial arts are, the more trouble he will have, so. "That's why you hid him, because you only want him to be an ordinary person and live an ordinary life," said Group Sun. "That's the biggest reason," said Lin Shiyin sadly. "Others may not believe it.." "I believe it," said Sun Xiaohong. She sighed and said faintly, "If I were you, I would do the same thing." Only women know what women think. Only a woman knows that a girl can do anything for the man she loves. In the eyes of others, what she does may be ridiculous, but in their own eyes, all the reasons in the world are not as important as this. "But now I regret it," said Lin Shiyin. "I don't think I should have kept it from him." "It's for his own good that you're hiding it from him," said Sun Xiaohong. "What's wrong with that?" "Because.." said Lin Shiyin. If he had practiced the martial arts in Pian Hua Bao Jian, it wouldn't matter if Shangguan Jinhong and Jing Wuming joined hands to deal with him today. Sun Xiaohong said, "So you feel very guilty. I hope he can forgive you." Lin Shiyin nodded and said sadly, "I know he won't blame me anyway, but I.." If I don't speak out about this incident, I will feel even worse. "But you were wrong," said Sun Xiaohong. "Was I wrong?" Asked Lin Shiyin. Sun Xiaohong said, "If he had practiced the martial arts in the Treasure Mirror of Pity Flowers, he might have been no match for Shangguan Jinhong." "Why?" Asked Lin Shiyin. "Do you know why Alfy's sword is so terrible?" Asked Sun Xiaohong. "Because he is faster than anyone else," said Lin Shiyin. "How can he be faster than others?" Asked Sun Xiaohong. "Because of him.." said Lin Shiyin. Sun Xiaohong said,x52 line pipe, "He's fast, just because he's more attentive than others. 'Xiao Li Throwing Knife' is the same. If he practices other martial arts, he will be distracted. Maybe he can't be so fast." 。
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