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Bruises by Madman Three Three (10th Jan 23 at 1:48am UTC)Quote Reply
His expression was calm and calm, without a trace of anger, and even showed some worry: "You deserve a better man. Don't wronged yourself for me. Such a shrewd head should be used to think about other things." Begonia still looked at him warily and smiled after a moment: "Why don't you do a paternity test?" Shao Linfeng sat on the sofa with his legs crossed. His casual appearance was like throwing out a thunderbolt. Only Dean Ding was stunned: "Twin brothers?" Shao Linfeng nodded slightly and clasped his palms: "You were there at that time. Is it possible that there was another child?" Although feel that the idea of Begonia is almost crazy, but Shao Linfeng do not know why, combined with Shao Ting's behavior before and after an association, but also give birth to some doubts. The child suddenly began to have an inexplicable hostility to him. He had never been so disobedient even when he was forced to marry Begonia before. Now, for the sake of Gu Anning, he really wished he could draw a clear line with him. President Ding was silent, and his slightly closed eyelids blocked the true mood of his eyes: "No, it's impossible. Although I didn't deliver the baby myself, it's impossible in such a short time." Shao Linfeng breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that Dean Ding's words were like the best reassurance: "I don't think it's possible either." Dean Ding did not speak, the fist covering the desktop slowly spread out, the palm was wet with a layer of cold sweat. Chapter 23 Begonia said to test DNA, Shao Ting actually did not object, black eyes calm and calm, that appearance does not seem to be faked: "If this can make you feel at ease,grey marble slab, I do not object." Begonia's doubts are even worse, why is this man so sure, is his suspicion really wrong? Shao Ting seemed to sigh and looked at Begonia with pity: "I know you can't accept my change, but I'm a bad man. I've never been in love all my life. Peace will be the only one." Begonia clenched his fist and almost bit a mouthful of silver teeth: "I don't believe what you said, every word." Shao Ting raised his eyebrows and said carelessly, "Then let's speak with facts." He raised his hand to look at the time,Carrara Marble Slab, then slightly raised his lips, smiling in the warm light of the fatal temptation-: "Today is too late, tomorrow.". Xiao Bao is not in good health now. Let's not quarrel. Begonia pursed her lips and did not speak. The man's pretentious gentleness was somewhat similar to before, but she still felt that he was pretending, as if something was deeply rooted in her mind once implanted. Shao Ting took his coat and straightened up, ignoring her cautious appearance, and brushed past her. Begonia looked at his tall and straight figure, and clenched his fist forcefully. He turned to his figure and said firmly: "I believe in my sixth sense. The real Shao Ting and you are completely two people. His kindness to me and Xiao Bao is in action, and he will not always use words to explain it. It is you who are suspected of doing it on purpose." Shao Ting's deep fundus was faintly dark and floating. He waved his back to her and said, "Good night." Out of the ward, Shao Ting's face suddenly sank, he took out his cell phone ready to dial, Pietra Gray Marble ,Agate Slabs Countertops, suddenly heard someone behind him calling his name. He always had a good memory, because he had a very keen professional relationship in the past. He remembered some voices once he heard them. He slowly turned around and looked at the man, raising his lips slightly: "Uncle Ding." "Stay with Xiao Bao at night?" Dean Ding seemed to ask the usual question, but he stared straight at him. Shao Tingwei twisted his eyebrows, and after looking at him for a moment, he could not help laughing out loud: "Your eyes are like dissecting me, a little scary." Dean Ding sighed and coughed, "I just sent your father away. He chatted with me for a while. It's your fault about you and Begonia. You should listen to the old man more." Shao Ting replied politely, "What should be listened to will be listened to." Dean Ding quieted down and suddenly said, "You seem to suddenly have some prejudice against your father." Hearing this, Shao Ting just looked stunned. His fists at his side slowly stretched out, and his face also showed a helpless wry smile: "Except for the peaceful things, I am obedient to my father. Uncle Ding's words are too serious.".
” Dean Ding looked at him thoughtfully, raised his hand and patted him on the shoulder: "Don't say that. Our uncle and nephew haven't had dinner together for a long time. It's a little cold tonight. How about having a few drinks in my office?" Shao Ting looked at him for a while, put his hands slowly into his trouser pockets, and smiled slowly on his lips: "Good." Ye Qiang sent Gu Anning back, and suddenly turned back after a while. Gu Anning looked at the piles of valuable tonics and did not speak. Ye Qiang lowered his eyes and told the truth: "Brother Shao said that if you don't eat or throw them away, you will be punished as you were on the cruise ship when you come back." Gu Anning's expression became very ugly, and he clenched his fist in embarrassment:. I see. Ye Qiang's face was expressionless, and he didn't seem to think much about what he said: "Brother Shao said he would come back when he finished his work, so you don't have to worry." Gu Anning is not worried about Shao Ting at all, but selfishly hopes that he can be influenced by his children and take good care of his wife and children. Unfortunately, her expectations were soon ruined, and after taking a bath, she unexpectedly saw Shao Ting half lying in bed when she came out of the bathroom. His powerful arms were on his forehead, he was wearing only a white shirt, the collar was still open, and his strong chest was exposed to the cold air, and he was not afraid of catching a cold. Gu Anning sighed, thought about it and went over to shake him up: "Change your clothes and sleep on the bed." He seemed to be asleep, has been kept in that position did not move, the TV is still replaying the city express, Gu Anning took the remote control to turn down the sound, reached for him to cover the quilt. Sleeping man then slowly opened his eyes, black eyes on her line of sight, very close, Gu Anning can see his eyes hard to hide the fatigue. He did not speak,Nero Marquina Marble Slab, but put his hand around her waist and took her directly into his arms: "Lie down with me for a while." Gu Anning frowned and patiently did not struggle: "Don't you go back to your room to sleep?" Shao Ting told her his answer with practical actions. After being kissed breathlessly, he closed his eyes quietly: "I'm very tired. What time is it now?" Gu Anning glanced at the alarm clock at the head of the bed. At eleven o'clock, the City Express on TV had just ended.
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