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Nirvana in the last days (14th Dec 22 at 12:28am UTC)Quote Reply
To get this breathing time, Zhao Yu adjusted his body in midair, and when he really hit the metal wall, he bent his legs and decompressed, greatly alleviating the strength behind him. Fortunately, as soon as he noticed the bomb, he turned around and let his strong back face the shrapnel. If only an ordinary bomb, I am afraid there is no harm to Zhao Yu, that kind of air wave can not make Zhao Yu's body, impact to such an extent. Extremely strong carapace after the alien armed, originally facing such shrapnel, may also be able to withstand, but just in the center of the super-large dose of bombs, that kind of strong and dense vibration, has made its surface slightly cracked. Therefore, Zhao Yu, who is turning his back at the moment, has dozens of shrapnel, big or small, which is different from ordinary strange blood, slowly flowing down from his body. How's it going Ten seconds later, Shangguanling quickly woke up from the horrible explosion. Out of biological instinct, she moved her body for the first time, but found that she was still protected, as if she had not been hurt, and there was no pain in her body. But with the shooting, she remembered that all this was borne by her little man. Therefore, the tone of the inquiry became slightly trembling,ultrasonic generator driver, even if Zhao Yu's front carapace, still strong to the extreme, she also did not notice the death clenched. Not that bad Inhale gently, Zhao Yu does not want to let Shangguanling worry too much, at the moment although the injury looks terrible, but more is the skin surface injury, and not enough to threaten his life. Under Zhao Yu's huge chest, Shangguanling could not see the injury behind Zhao Yu at all. Although Zhao Yu's words were still firm, it seemed that she had not been hurt at all, but as long as she saw herself and the chairman opposite,ultrasonic spray nozzle, she could imagine the horror of this man. However, she thought that the reason why this man said so, is to make their own peace of mind, then dead shut his mouth, no longer anything. Just, slowly closed the corner of the eye, quietly overflowing a glittering and translucent eyeball. When Shangguanling opened her eyes again, she seemed to glow on the other side, returning to the intellectual woman side of the capital as an official. Looking around, even those who attracted Zhao Yu's attention in the passage, dozens of men in black at the center of the explosion, were really dismembered, pulling the internal organs and bodies of those people everywhere, but only a slight change in their eyes, but then seemed to return to normal. Xiaoyu, keep moving forward. Calm to the extreme said these words, Shangguan Lingqiang from the control of the line of sight, staring at the direction ahead, constantly thinking about how to move forward. On the one hand, ultrasonic cutting machine ,ultrasonic cutting machine, he was concerned about Zhao Yu's injuries, and on the other hand, he blamed himself for his carelessness. If he had observed carefully and seen these people waiting here with guns, it was totally out of line with the normal situation. If he could remind him as soon as possible, maybe he would not be hurt. Hearing Shangguanling's voice, Zhao Yu nodded slightly, and from the woman's calm eyes, he saw some kind of firmness. Gently stepping on the ground of flesh and blood bedding, Zhao Yu's movements were slightly silent, although the thick smoke after the violent explosion, in such a narrow space, did not disperse, completely blocking the sight of ordinary people. However, Zhao Yu had already seen dozens of warning rocket launchers in front of him through his eyes. The whole body swooped down, and Zhao Yu once again controlled the bloodshot, trapping the man in black in the front. Just now, he has not used this move, those who have tried this taste of the guy, have become dead, I believe that just in an emergency, such information did not come back to the ears of these people, they do not know Zhao Yu has this ability. Even if Zhao Yu's terror dodged, they only attributed it to Zhao Yu's strength, and did not think of any invisible existence. Shoot, shoot! "A figure jumped out faintly, and a man in black in the extreme rear shouted in extreme fear.". However, he was shocked to find that his teammates were standing still like dead people. Once in a while, he trembled slightly, but he fell to the ground in pain and died gradually.
Peng- Zhao Yu, running at high speed, was like a humanoid tank, and all the men in black in front of him had been completely knocked open by it. Or dead or injured, has simply not attracted any attention from Zhao Yu. Just now, Zhao Yu, who was going to trap these guys with blood, suddenly saw the bright red blood and suddenly jumped out of his body. It did not go out to control those people, but from the hands of Zhao Yu, to take over the control of transparent blood, and then ordered countless roots of blood, dense drilling into the bodies of those people. Yes, from the mouth, nose and other ventilation channels, completely into a person's body, instantly robbed their lives. Even if some people's vitality is tenacious, but the internal organs of the body are destroyed by the tough red blood, there is still no possibility of survival. At this moment, Zhao Yu completely incarnated as the devil of hell. Everywhere he went, everyone died without a sound. The vocal cords of those people were already bloodshot for the first time. Attack.. See Zhao Yu extremely fast rush to come, that shout time, seem to have been shocked by the scene in front of, only know hoarse cry, simply forgot to escape. It was easy to kill all the men in black in front of him. Zhao Yu stopped quietly and asked softly. Now, go that way. At the moment, Zhao Yu's expression is calm, just bloodshot attack, so that he is in a narrow channel, regardless of the face of blocking the enemy, can be the first time to kill. He believed that there would not be too much distance left for those people to block themselves. I'm afraid the four or five hundred men in black who have just been killed all the way have made those people unable to adjust too much strength for the time being. Volume 2 Path to Nirvana VIP Volume 504 VIP volume 504 After finding such a sharp means of attack, Zhao Yu, who was already feared by the men in black,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, was even more obvious than just now. All the men in black who faced each other died in a horrible way, and the cameras that captured the moment sent back the pictures of all the men in black falling to the ground during Zhao Yu's journey, which was hard for ordinary people to imagine.
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