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The president killed the younger sister. (8th Feb 23 at 2:07am UTC)Quote Reply
At that moment, his cell phone rang, interrupting his inexplicable jealousy. This call comes at a bad time. Wait for me. He kissed her, then pulled away, went into the bathroom to get the cell phone in his pants, and saw that it was a call from his future brother-in-law Xing Heng, and he answered it. What? Cai Ling is gone! I'll go back to the dress company right away, and maybe she'll come back. When Maggie heard his words, she quickly got up, got out of bed naked and went to the bathroom to ask him, "Why is Cai Ling missing?" Mo Kaisen looked at her body with pink luster and seductive little face. He really didn't want to let her go so soon. He reached out to her and held her in his arms. He couldn't stop holding her again. "I don't know. Let's go back to the dress shop." "All right, let's go!" She leaned against his firm pectoral muscles, thinking that happiness was short, but she would never forget today. Mo Kaisen took the glasses and put them on for her for the first time. She looked at his attentive expression, and her heart turned sour and sweet. I'll get dressed. She turned to get her clothes. I love you He pulled her back and kissed her deeply. She froze and looked at him. For three seconds, her head was blank. She slowly came to her senses. She was moved to tears. Yeah, she's so thoughtful, he won't be heartless to her. She could finally understand why he was so sad when he brought her here. The reasonable explanation was that he loved her too,automated warehouse systems, so he felt sad that she had not seen her for so many days. Thank you Her eyes filled with tears, tears could not help but fall down, this "I love you", she can not burn incense and worship Buddha, unless he is willing to love her, otherwise it is impossible to say so. Thanks for what? Just don't make my life hard. He had been mad every day these days, and his mood had fallen to the bottom. He took a clean towel,metal racking systems, bent over as high as her, and gently wiped the tears from her face. We have to go to the dress shop to find Cai Ling quickly. She sniffed and said. Uh He wanted to express more words in his heart, but time did not allow. He let go of her, she put on her own clothes, and he quickly dressed up. After leaving the motel, unfortunately, there was a traffic jam on the road. Mo Kaisen is very impatient, the finger is tapping the steering wheel helplessly. Sen, don't worry, Cai Ling will be all right. Maggie soothed him. He turned his head sideways and glanced at her. Her warm eyes really gave him a lot of stability. He pecked her pink lips and rubbed her head. She was all focused on him, making out with him as if no one was watching. Bah! The car behind honked its horn, and they realized that the car in front of them had already left. He took her by the hand, teardrop pallet racking ,push back racking system, stepped on the accelerator, and moved forward, each other's hearts were hot. Arrived at the dress shop, waited for about ten minutes, did not see Cai Ling come back, Mo Kaisen anxiously called Xing Heng. Did you find Cai Ling? Yes, she's in my car. She's.. Went to the department store nearby. Good news came from Xing Heng. That's good. We're still waiting at the dress shop. We'll leave later. Mukherson closed the phone. When Maggie saw his relaxed expression, she was also relieved. Cai Ling was very nice. I hope she is safe and will live a happy life after marrying her prince. "It's all right. I'll take you home. You must be anxious to see your parents." Mokesen put his arm around her shoulder and walked to the car. Well, my home is on Zhonghua Road. Said Maggie, looking at her prince. I remember. Mokesen didn't forget her address. After getting in the car, he drove smoothly all the way to her house and stopped in front of an apartment in the alley. My duffel bag is still in your house. I'll take it when I go there tomorrow. I still have my sister's clothes to wear at home, so I'm not in a hurry to take it. As she spoke, she looked out of the window at her long-lost home and was about to get off. He took her hand and asked doubtfully, "Won't you invite me in?" You.. Want to go in? She was surprised. How could he think of going to her house? "Of course, I have to know your family, you are my wife, do you." Don't you want to marry me? He smiled with his personality.
There is a factor of uncertainty in the bottom of Maggie's heart. He looks so sincere. His deep eyes are shining, as if he really wants to marry her! She shook her head, afraid that she was dazzled, and looked at him again, he was still very sincere, and laughed happily. Are you really going to marry me? She hasn't thought so far, she hasn't become a strong woman, how can she get married? "It's absolutely true, unless you have someone else in your heart and you don't love me." He squinted and stared at her. Her expression was very uneasy. Why? Of course she loved him, but marriage was a long way off for her. She had no psychological preparation, and her parents would not agree. She thought that when her two elder sisters were studying, they had boyfriends, and when her mother found out that they would chase after them and break their legs. Her mother did not allow them to have boyfriends when they were still students, which would affect their homework. She is still a student now, and her mother and father have pinned their hopes on her, so she can't just get married. Still Another day, my parents are not at home. She refused clumsily, afraid of hurting his pride by saying something wrong. What are you afraid of? Mokesen kept his eyes fixed on her, watching the subtle changes in her expression. Where is it? I You have to find out what your parents mean first. Her throat was stuck, and it was hard to explain for a moment. Is that so? Or do you have someone else? He stared suspiciously into her twinkling eyes. If there is. Will you give up the idea? She asked bluntly, but she had no one else, and his eyes became so dark that her heart was confused. Yes Mokesen frowned, depressed, and secretly analyzed her words as some kind of hint? "Maggie was gripped by his earnest expression, knowing that he didn't like what she said." No,shuttle rack system, don't worry. I'm getting off. She lowered her head and fumbled for the door handle, avoiding his questioning look. I haven't said you can get off. He clasped her shoulders and pulled her toward him. She was afraid that he would force her to marry him at once, and she could not give him any promise. What time will I pick you up tomorrow? He asked.
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