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"There is no doubt that this chaotic scene is not conducive to the Gunners'performance." Wang Jiexi went on to say, "But Zhou's two shots sent a signal to his opponent: Even in such a chaotic scene, I have a way to complete the attack.". This is different from what most people think. So now, even if Zhou does not attack, but the other side's sharp concentration is also a kind of destruction, he has to always be on guard against when there will be an opportunity for Zhou to attack when dealing with NPC entanglement. "What should I do?" A new member of the team asked. Active, proactive. Wang Jiexi said. Fang Rui obviously understands this truth. At this time, he will never be so passive, let Zhou Ze-kai in the side so safely and steadily waiting for an opportunity to move. Change direction, move, roll! The sea is infinite in the NPC pile, one side is to avoid attack, the other side is to guide in the direction of a shot through the clouds. Zhou looked at his actions, a shot through the clouds did not come forward, nor back, but the muzzle is constantly shifting with his movement. Pressure! No one will feel no pressure in the face of Zhou's gun pointing through the clouds. That is, he did not want to attack the NPC, otherwise it would have been a hail of bullets that would have nailed the sea there. From this point of view, at this time, these NPCs really became the umbrella of Fang Rui. Hai Wuliang continued to deal with all kinds of ugly and obscene postures created by Fang Rui. His main perspective given by the broadcast is constantly spinning, and ordinary players can't distinguish anything from the picture at all,China spa factory, they can't even find the direction. But do not look at the main perspective, just look at the battle screen, the sea infinite action every step is so clear. His movements, his movements don't look complicated, but the angle of view makes people want to vomit. He's not just trying to avoid NPC attacks, he's watching, he's trying to see the positions and attacks of every NPC around him, because that's what he's going to use to win. It's just that this kind of chaos is not enough to limit Zhou's perspective and shooting trajectory. If he wants to use these to win,jacuzzi suppliers, he needs to do something higher and more complicated, which he already knows. It's hard, especially for me right now. Fang Rui knew his condition. He didn't want to play in the arena. He wanted to keep his spirit and strength and play again in the more crucial team match. But the situation of the arena match is so bad that he can't wait for the team match. But to deal with this guy, it may be more difficult than playing a team game! Dazzling rotation of the perspective, finally a moment of stability, to lock a gun through the clouds. Chapter 1659 cover. Air blade! Fang Rui launched another attack. The gas blade was shielded by the NPC attacking him in front of him, and the movements from beginning to end did not appear in Zhou's perspective. The NPC seemed to have colluded with Fang Rui. As soon as the gas blade flew out, he gave way to the side with special cooperation. A shot through the clouds immediately appeared in the perspective of Fang Rui, two muzzle black holes, locked in front of the sea infinite. In the rear of Hai Wuliang, three NPCs were coming up side by side. For a moment, Hai Wuliang seemed to be attacked from both sides, but Fang Rui was not flustered at all. He is fully aware of the situation of the sea at this time, the front of a gun through the clouds, whirlpool hot tub spa ,Whirlpool bathtub, the rear of the three NPC, the distance between each other in his calculations. Will Zhou Tzar-kai let a shot through the clouds attack? Fang Rui did not dare to be completely convinced, he only knew that at this distance, a shot through the clouds fired, he still had a certain degree of certainty that he could flash a little, so that the three NPCs behind him would be hit by bullets, a shot through the clouds would build up hatred in the NPC, which is probably not what Zhou would like to see. So, fire away! Hai Wuliang waved his hand and pushed the NPC who had just covered him away mercilessly, exposing his body more to the muzzle of a shot through the clouds. Bang, bang! Shots fired! A shot through the clouds opened fire, the right hand wild fire, the left hand broken frost all spewed out flames, two bullets flew out. Fang Rui, who had been psychologically prepared, immediately made a ready operation, and Hai Wuliang immediately went down a short body. The two bullets almost grazed Hai Wuliang's shoulder.
I dodged it! Fang Rui was very satisfied, but then he did not hear the sound of the bullet hitting from behind. The strong enemy was right in front of him, and Fang Rui could not turn his eyes to look behind him, but the audience outside the stadium could see it clearly. Although the three NPCs behind him were killed side by side, there was always a gap between them. Even if they were closer, shoulder to shoulder, the heads would not be able to squeeze together. The two bullets fired through the clouds were dodged by the sea, and then flew through the gap between the heads of the three NPCs, without hitting any of them. The reincarnation fans clapped their hands desperately, and they all saw Fang Rui's abacus, but with Zhou's precise operation, they were stunned to let Fang Rui's abacus fail, which made them very excited. But Fang Rui's mind did not stay on this, the cat's lower body of the sea is immeasurable, homeopathy with Fang Rui's most skilled wretched posture to continue to rush. Air blade! The attack, which had been secretly released by the sea before, had already hit him at the same time as one shot through the clouds and two shots. But Zhou had obviously noticed this, and after two shots, the figure of a shot through the clouds was also short, the air blade flew over him, a shot through the clouds half crouched on the ground, and the two guns were still held steadily. Boom! Boom! There were two more shots, but unlike the salvo of the previous two shots, there was a clear time interval between the two shots. Zhou's eyes are not only staring at Fang Rui's infinite sea, but also staring at the infinite sea behind him. The space between the two guns is also sold to the NPC behind the infinite sea. This distance, to tell the truth, the bullet has been super difficult to avoid, but Fang Rui, after all, is no small matter, the sea infinite this kind of obscene posture,indoor endless pool, to a roll that is really very fast. The two shots were empty again, but the interval was just right to calculate the way the three NPCs moved, and the low-flying bullets finally flew past the space where they stepped.
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