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Feng Qi Ah Fang (10th Jan 23 at 1:43am UTC)Quote Reply
The two men walked up the stone steps one after the other, and the stone surface was spotless by the continuous dry wind. At the end of the ladder, Fu Hui suddenly heard Zhang Zheng behind him: "Pingyuan Gong shouldn't have said that." "Why shouldn't I?" Fu Hui whispered angrily, suddenly turned around, eyebrows and eyes are steaming anger, straight to the whole face of Zhang. There was a deep and clear feeling in Zhang Zheng's eyes. He looked back at him calmly and said, "But he is your father!" This sentence is like a sigh of helplessness, listening to Fu Hui's ears, the anger has unconsciously lost momentum, countless grievances, gradually accumulated, kneaded into a very small mass, wrapped in the deepest part of my heart. The attendants of Jinhua Hall stood in silence, Fu Jian had not spoken, and they did not dare to make any sound. There was a dead silence in the hall, except for the "ticking" sound of candle tears falling from the shelf. Suddenly their eyes darkened. A candle had gone out. Fu Jian seemed to be alarmed by the change of light and called out, "Somebody!" "Yes!" As if granted amnesty, the chamberlains hurriedly came forward, holding the washing things prepared in advance and sent them to Fu Jian. Fu Jian frowned and said, "When did I say I was going to bed?" "This.." The Chamberlain bowed and asked, "What orders does the Heavenly King have?" "I want to go out for a walk." "Huh?" Surprised, the chamberlains took Fu Jian's clothes and shoes and waited for him to leave the temple. Out of the temple, a slip of twelve palace lanterns, as well as the people who have been following, have been ready to wait. Fu Jian glanced at it and said, "You don't need these.." Light two casually, way: "You carry a lamp to be." The manager of the Jinhua Palace did not know where Fu Jian wanted to go. He felt a little uneasy. "Is the Heavenly King going to the harem?" He asked? It's late at night. Why don't you send the lady over to wait on you? "Get out of here!" Fu Jian lightly scolded,12v High Torque Motor, the manager hurriedly knelt down, wait for him to knock his head up, look again, Fu Jian has gone far. Walking to a corner, Fu Jian slipped under his feet. Fortunately, the waiter in the back was quick in his eyes and quick in his hands. He hurried to help him. He looked down and saw that he had stepped on a broken branch. Only then did he realize that the branches and leaves on the road were falling and the bricks and stones were concave and convex. He was shocked for a moment. In the past, the road was very clean and smooth. When he thought about it, he realized that it was because he used to walk this way every day. Swallow the inquiry that wants exit, he turned a corner and went straight. Behind the Chamberlain finally confirmed his doubts, Fu Jian's whereabouts, as expected, is Ziyi Palace! At the gate of Ziyi Palace, I saw the closed palace gate. Two palace lanterns were missing from the door, and dust accumulated on the steps. It was very quiet inside, Vending Machine Motor ,brushless gear motor, only to hear the leaves of the pagoda tree, which had lost their moisture, flapping in the wind and rustling like silk. For a moment, Fu Jian almost thought it was already uninhabited. But when the attendant came forward to knock on the door, the door shaft came out with a "squeak" scream, and it opened quickly. It's so late, who. The half-old eunuch who opened the door shook the lantern in his hand and fell to the ground. The candle flame rose and quickly burned the red silk on the cage. And you are Is it called Song Ya? Hearing Fu Jian's question, Song Ya woke up and knelt down on his knees, "Yes." Yes The King of Heaven still remembers the humble name of the slave. The King of Heaven is here so late. Incoherent for a moment. Fu firmly believed in walking past him. Song Ya hurriedly caught up with him. "I don't want the Heavenly King to come tonight," he said in a panic. "Nothing is prepared here.." Where is your wife? Are you asleep? "No!"! Still playing chess in the front of the warm pavilion! "Oh?"? She's in good spirits. Fu Jian walked quickly between the living room and the corridor, raising the floating dust under his feet. The lamplight, like a piece of faded paper on the first day of the old year, fell repeatedly at his feet. With this little light, Fu Jian glanced around, and the lady who looked back on the screen smiled among the piles of flowers, but the smile was mottled, as if she had been gnawed away by an evil ghost, so strange that people had to turn their eyes away. The cobwebs were woven on the beams and pillars painted with gold, like the bricks and wood of the house, trying to wrap themselves up heavily. It seems that too much gloomy time has been accumulated in the brocade barrier, so it seems very heavy and can not be lifted by the wind.
I don't know if I feel that Fu Jian has stood in front of the curtain of white beads, the beads on the curtain have fallen, and there is a faint light of fire between the uneven beads. A woman chuckled and said, "Look at you, you made a mistake again!" Listening to the still sweet laughter, Fu Jian's angry image came suddenly and surged in his body. Crash! He pushed aside the curtain of beads. Who The woman sitting on the couch looked up with some surprise. The light from hundreds of ivory chess pieces fell into her clear eyes, as if the stars were reflected in the lake. Of all the decadence and decay, she was the only one who remained the same. No, there is change, but it is like a beautiful jade, in the caress day after day, the brilliance is gathered, but more and more warm and clean. Murong Lingyao, stunned for a moment, slowly got up and knelt under the couch. "I respectfully welcome the Heavenly King," she said timidly. His expression was very peaceful, as if Fu Jian had just left here yesterday. As soon as she hung her head, her loose hair fell to the ground at night, like a fine and sweet black net, which could catch many dreamers who did not want to wake up! Such a hair, easy to recall the memories of Fu Jian-that year on the road, the crystal world that is like a God-given surprise. When Fu Jian stood still, the maid who played chess with Murong Lingyao quickly climbed out of bed and knelt on one side. And behind Fu Jian, the few palace people in the whole Ziyi Palace have gathered behind the columns on the corridor. Your chess skills seem to have improved a lot! Fu Jian stepped forward and stood in front of the couch. The chess pieces are scattered and divided equally. It is clear that the side of Murong Lingyao is going to win. Murong Lingyao said, "In recent years,micro gear motor, I've had nothing to do in the palace, so I have to play chess with the palace people to amuse myself. Familiarity makes perfect." "You are very leisurely!" "My concubine lost her love to the Heavenly King. What does the Heavenly King want my concubine to do except to keep her duty and spend her life forever?" Fu Jian stirred in his hand. "The chessmen dribbled down the full chessboard and snapped." Murong's rebellion, why haven't you come to apologize to me to this day? 。
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