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Picking flowers (10th Jan 23 at 1:42am UTC)Quote Reply
Shouting and running out from the side, the two men followed closely. Bai Yuqi looked calm and asked, "What are you going to do?" One of them said in a deep voice, "Hand over the Yi Jin Jing and Xi Sui Jing!" Stunned, Bai Yuqi laughed and said, "How could I have that?" "Don't pretend, hand it over!" "I didn't, how can I hand it over?" "If you don't, you can give up your life!" As he spoke, the two men's weapons had already come out and stabbed Bai Yuqi. Bai Yuqi had already arrived at the door. It seemed that he was very fierce. He turned around and ran inside. The two masked men looked at each other in astonishment. It was strange that he had arrived at the door. Why didn't he take the opportunity to escape, but run inside? He became more and more suspicious and followed him inside. Bai Yuqi had already rushed to the edge of the couch, and the man with the knife followed suit. The man with the long knife was in the room, and his eyes were staring at the black and black tiger skin on the wall, with the tiger's head down. Holding a long knife aimed at Bai Yuqi, saw his expression from the right, and turned to stare at the tiger skin on the wall, a little hesitation, a hand toward the tiger skin in the past! Just as he was about to touch the tiger skin, he heard a whoosh and a strong wind galloped up. The man with a long knife jumped high and dodged the strong wind. Then he landed and stood firm. He looked carefully and saw that six darts had been inserted in the wall behind him. As soon as the man with the knife looked back, he was surprised to see the darts. He said in a deep voice, "Go!" As soon as they turned around, they rushed out. Unexpectedly, at this moment,touch screen digital signage, two masked people rushed into the doorway, four people with eight pairs of eyes, looked at each other, holding a knife, holding a long blade slightly stunned, pulled out their feet and ran out, the two men continued to rush in. Running out, just arrived at the door, heard the sound of boom,temperature check kiosk, and heard two cries, a look back, just rushed into the two masks have disappeared. Two people dare not hesitate, is waiting to scurry away, do not prevent Tielong oncoming, walk in front of the Tielong a push, Tielong immediately fell to the ground. When Tielong limped into the room, he saw Bai Yuqi congealing his face and asked, "Is there any?" "Of course." Bai Yuqi said, "Go and find Chief Zhang and Miss Yan and see if they are there." Tielong turned around and took two steps. Suddenly he stopped. He turned around and asked, "Just now two masked men rushed out. What happened?" "No need to ask. Go and see if Chief Zhang and Miss Yan are here."? Ask them to come at once! "What's the matter?" Tielong stared at Yuqi in surprise and said, "It's easy to find them. It's just that Tielong didn't figure out what happened here. It's not convenient to invite them." Stunned, Bai Yuqi immediately understood and said with a smile, "Four men broke into the Garden. Two of them left just now, and now two of them are trapped in the office." Tielong is startled, ask urgently: "Those 4 people are..." Bai Yuqi looked cold and ordered, Interactive digital signage ,thermal imaging camera, "Don't ask too many questions. Go quickly!" Tielong should be, still can't help hesitating: "I saw Zhang police chief them, how to say?" "Just say that someone broke into the garden and asked them to come quickly. When they come, I have something to say." Seeing that Bai Yuqi had a well-thought-out plan, Tielong no longer hesitated and hurriedly turned around and left. Zhang Junming and Yan Yanfei came in a hurry. The frost on Bai Yuqi's face was gone. His expression relaxed and he said with a smile, "You two are here. Bai won't worry about it." The two men said in unison, "What's the matter?" "Four people have just broken into my garden." Speak in the mouth, the eye is burning two people: "ran two, caught two." Zhang Junming and Yan Yanfei were stunned. Yan Yanfei asked in surprise, "Is it true?" "Of course, you two have a look if you don't believe me." Bai Yuqi stretched out his hand to the corner and pressed it. A crack appeared on the ground in the middle. The board quickly moved away to both sides. The two men looked down. There were two men in black with their heads covered. They heard the sound and panicked. They ran forward and left and right in a panic. It seemed that they were going to find their way out, but they groped around. There were walls around them. They couldn't get out of trouble. Bai Yuqi burst out laughing, and the two men looked up at the sound and were stunned. Do you two want to come up? Yan Yanfei and Zhang Junming looked down and were secretly surprised. Unexpectedly, this strange garden was really strange. There were not only hidden weapons, but also traps. Just now, two masked people broke in. If they hadn't reacted smartly, they would have fled fast enough. I'm afraid there are more than two people at the bottom now.
Thinking of the lingering palpitations, Zhang Junming was stunned and almost lost his mind. Bai Yuqi looked at him with a smile and called softly, "Brother Zhang." Others suddenly regret, do not seem to hear the call, Bai Yuqi called again: "Zhang brother." Only then did Zhang Junming turn around and glance at him. Bai Yuqi glanced at him and said, "Is Brother Zhang very surprised?" "That's natural." Zhang Junming forced a smile and said, "It's really amazing to be named Qiyuan." Smiling slightly, Bai Yuqi's eyes fluttered toward Yan Yanfei. Seeing her change from surprise to indifference, she asked, "Is Miss Yan surprised?" Yan Yanfei nodded and said with a slight smile, "I was really surprised. There is such a mechanism in Qiyuan. It's unexpected." Bai Yuqi looked down and couldn't hide his smile. He said with a smile, "These two young people must know that there are many gold, silver and jewels in Qiyuan, so they came to steal them. Now they are trapped in a trap. They deserve to suffer." "Close it," he said to Tielong. "I want to have a chat with Brother Zhang and Miss Yan." Tielong walked a few steps, two people saw him against the wall, casually dial, the sound sounded, the floor quickly closed. Bai Yuqi said, "These two nights are small, and they will be stuffy again." Look at them with smiling faces: "You two must be curious about Qiyuan. If you are interested, I'll see you later." He said to Tielong, "Prepare food and wine, and chat with Brother Zhang and Miss Yan while drinking." Yan Yanfei saw his expression and was secretly surprised. Looking up at Zhang Junming, he seemed to have been shocked, and his face was very surprised. Two people do not know what medicine Bai Yuqi sold in the gourd, but he has promised himself, to let two people see the strange garden again, two people of course want to see what happened, but afraid of the trap hidden weapon here. Can't help speculating and feeling uneasy. Yan Yanfei turned to think, Bai Yuqi fell in love with her, repeatedly motioned, and asked Zhang Junming to mention the kiss, no matter how bad things were, she should not be treated. The thought changed, and his heart widened. He looked at Bai Yuqi with a smile and said,smart whiteboard price, "It's already late at night. Does Master Bai want to talk at night with a candle?" Bai Yuqi looked back at her with feelings in his eyes and said in a gentle tone, "Yes, it must be interesting to talk at night with a candle." "I'm afraid it won't be long before the rooster announces the dawn." "That's all right. I'm afraid Miss Yan is tired." 。
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