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Criminal police in the entertainment circle (10th Jan 23 at 1:41am UTC)Quote Reply
What's more, these police uncles are far from chasing stars. At most, they are joining in the fun. After all, in real life, living stars are not very common. Ladies and gentlemen, please excuse me. Our Yixiao is here to work. The speaker was a middle-aged aunt who opened her hands to protect Yi Xiao. Maybe she was a new assistant? Yi Xiao's original assistant is missing, should be dismissed, after all, through the record, the police also know that Yi Xiao's assistant has secretly made a lot of money in recent years. As for whether the money will come back or not, there will be lawsuits. Sister Ann, be polite, we are here to send a silk banner to express our gratitude, not to look for trouble. "Yi Xiao whispered, it seems that after the kidnapping incident, her temper has indeed changed." Good, good, but let you come earlier, you must come now, what if there is no one after work? Isn't there too much paparazzi just now? And it's not good to disturb during working hours. Yi Xiao and An Jie talked in a low voice,smart board interactive whiteboard, and the onlookers heard that people were coming to work, and most of them were scattered. After all, they were not the kind of crazy fans outside, and no one had to sign a photo. So Min Xue, who had passed by, was exposed in front of Yi Xiao. Eh? Officer Min! When Yi Xiao saw Min Xue, his eyes lit up and he shouted. Min Xue, "..". He was surprised in his heart. How did he know his last name? It is said that Min Xue showed up when he rescued the hostages,smart board touch screen, and then he didn't take over such things as taking notes for Yi Xiao. "Yi Miss," although do not know Yi Xiao how to know his name, but people greet the door, out of politeness, Min Xue also only stopped. What a coincidence, Officer Min. Are you off duty? Although there is no filter, but after the makeup of Yi Xiao still looks a bit of TV style, completely missing the embarrassment of being kidnapped. Yes, "Min Xue looked at the silk banner rolled up by Yi Xiao's new assistant and continued," but there are still a lot of people working overtime above, and Captain Guan and Vice Captain Liu are still there. " The meaning is very obvious. If you want to send it, go up quickly. I will not accompany you. Yi Xiao did not seem to hear it at all, "I came here this time, in addition to thanking everyone, touch screen interactive whiteboard ,smartboards for business, but also want to thank Officer Min in particular!" "Thank you for coming forward and saving me from the kidnappers at the critical moment." "Without you, I'm afraid I'd be.." said Yi Xiao with red eyes. Min Xue, "..". What does that mean? The specific detection process of the case will certainly not be known to outsiders, so Yi Xiao will not know the key role of Min Xue in the process of solving the case. So what she's thankful for now must be rushing into the house at the last minute to save people. But Little sister At that time, there were not ten but eight people who rushed into the house, right? And Min Xue still followed the little brothers of the armed police to go in, without moving a finger, the kidnappers had already been brought to justice. To say thank you, it's not his turn to take a turn. The little brothers of the armed police should be the first to bear the brunt? Min Xue can only regard this situation as Yi Xiao's excessive politeness. "The words are too serious. This is not my own credit, but the result of collective efforts." "No, no, no," Yi Xiao's tears rolled in his eyes. "Officer Min, you don't know the situation at that time." "When I was strangled by the kidnappers with a rope, I knew that people would recall the past before they died, and that all the TV shows were lies!" At that time, my mind was just blank! I can't see anything! I can't hear anything! "I really thought I was no longer in this world!" Until a warm voice sounded in my ear.. Although it's just a simple sentence. 'Miss Yi, are you all right? ' But I feel like a new life! So I can see again! See the world! See.. You !” The first thing I saw when I regained my life was you! Officer Min, can you imagine how I felt?! "You are the incarnation of an angel!" "..", Min Xue did not know what expression to make.
By rights, you should be moved? But Min Xue didn't know why, only one feeling.. The sister was kidnapped once. Aren't you going to sing? Are you going to change your profession to write modern poetry? Yi Xiao adjectives used one after another, in fact, the situation is very simple to sum up. It was at that time that she was strangled, and then when Min Xue came forward to ask questions, the sister just came to her senses, so the savior was born. Why is it so small? "Officer Min, please give me a chance to express my gratitude." So, at the sincere invitation of Yi Xiao, Min Xue returned to the office. Together with all the rescue workers in the team, including Guan Hongji, they took a picture with a silk banner. Responsible for the shooting, is a national well-known newspaper reporter invited by Yi Xiao. Heh heh heh.. Yi Xiao is not stupid at all when she is smart. Everyone is a public official, it is certainly inappropriate to give money and gifts, so Yi Xiao used a happy way. Seeing that Vice Captain Liu was so happy to see his teeth but not his eyes, he made an appointment with the reporter for a press release, and he knew that the thanks were just right. This opportunity to publicize the positive image of public security work will not be stopped even if it is known above. Fortunately, Min Xue's propaganda work is not focused on newspapers and magazines now, otherwise he will have to go up and make an appointment.. Chapter 318 can't figure it out. This kind of propaganda, even if Guan Hongji himself does not like it, should also cooperate vigorously. Yi Xiao himself is in the spotlight, and this time he fully cooperates with the propaganda. It can be imagined that this news report will definitely have a huge social impact. At the end of the interview, Min Xue looked at the time, a little in a hurry, and Mi Shulan's appointment is coming soon! It's not a good habit to keep a lady waiting. You don't have to change your clothes, so let's go. Officer Min,interactive whiteboard for schools, would you like to have dinner with me tonight? Just walked to the elevator entrance, Min Xue was once again stopped by Yi Xiao who came from behind. I'm sorry, I have an appointment tonight. Min Xue refused of course.
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