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Female Psychologist Settles a Case in Jianghu (4th Jan 23 at 4:56am UTC)Quote Reply
"That's natural, and I think about it every day." He took her hand and shook it. "Tomorrow I will put some hidden weapons in the back of your house. Everything is ready. Don't go to the back of your house to play." "I never go there." She's playing. She's not a child. Also, I thought about it, you said that the old moon said, you come here, if you do not see Cheng Jiangfu will also meet someone who can take you to find him. The first time you came here, you met me and Miss Tang. But I did not find the clues of Cheng Jiangfu, although I helped you deliver the letter, put you into the government, but failed to find Cheng Jiangfu. So I wonder if the person who can lead you to him is Miss Tang Lian? Su Xiaopei was stunned. Ran Feize continued, "Miss Tang, we caught Luo Ping.". You have said that Luo Ping is not a person who can control people's hearts, so what if someone teaches him behind his back? Who could that person be? Su Xiaopei was like an epiphany. Yes, what if the person who could take her to find someone was Tang Lian? "A strong man." She suddenly got a little excited. You can't go. Ran Feize knew what she was trying to say. If that man has his eyes and ears, he will naturally know your whereabouts and actions. If you stay in Wuzhen, he will not guard against things outside. If we want to investigate, we have to get ahead of him to prevent him from killing people. I'm going to find a reliable friend in Jianghu. If Luo Ping kidnaps people and kills people,ghana seed extract, he will be beheaded after autumn. I hope it's too late. "Well, he's in prison." "The person I'm looking for is naturally the one who can dredge the door of the government and do this." Su Xiaopei is a little excited, "strong man, there is still one person, it is also worth exploring." "You say." "After you left, I also solved a case in Ning'an City. The criminal's name was Tong Feng. He was the boss of the cloth village in Linxian County. He robbed the prisoner and abused the girl's home. He used psychological intimidation and mental abuse to control his wife and concubine to make false confessions for him. That case was very similar to the case I learned in my hometown. Maybe,mulberry leaf extract weight loss, I mean maybe, what if he was also instructed by someone?" "Under the jurisdiction of Ning'an City?" Ran Feize frowned. Right "If you're in Ning'an, you'll have to be more careful.". Luo Linger and Luo Kui are from Ning'an City. You also had an accident in Ning'an City. I'm afraid the government office is not clean. Check Luo Ping first, and I'll find someone to keep an eye on Tong Feng. "We can find Chief Qin. I can trust him." But how does he know who to trust? The government office is full of his brothers. How do you explain to him who to guard against? I'm afraid he didn't find out what happened, but he gave the game away and alerted the bad man. Su Xiaopei thought that it was true. All right, I'll listen to the strong man. Ran Feize sighed, "In my heart, I actually hesitated." "Why?" "I want to pull out Cheng Jiangfu quickly and beat him severely, but I'm afraid you won't know how to disappear if I find him." Su Xiaopei is silent, she also has such a feeling. Ran Feize squeezed her hand and held it tightly. I now live every day as if it were my last day with you. Su Xiaopei bit his lip and clasped his hand back. She feels the same way. So when she saw him making new furniture for her, she was very distressed and wanted to say that she didn't have to work so hard. He even wanted to build an extra room next to the kitchen for her to bathe. He looked at her face and knew what she was thinking. He said, "It's just that even on the last day, phycocyanin spirulina ,stesweet stevia, I hope you can live a better life than the last day." Su Xiaopei's eyes were hot again, and she rushed over and hugged Ran Feize. Strong man, if there is the slightest possibility, even if only the slightest, I will try not to separate from the strong man. "Good." Ran Feize hugged her tightly. "It's good that you have this heart. It's enough.". I can't ask for anything else, but it's necessary to beat Cheng Jiangfu severely. When I find him, I must take this tone. But after a while, the bad news came. Ran Feize entrusted to pay attention to Tong Feng's friend to report, Tong Feng died in prison, the official judgment is suicide. He's one step ahead of us. "How did he know we were looking for Tong Feng?" "He doesn't know. He's just nipping it in the bud." "Where is Luo Ping?" "That's far away, and there's no news yet.".
” Su Xiaopei is a little irritable: "If he is really Cheng Jiangfu, that is really a ghost." Chapter 86 On death row. A young man who looked like a playboy was brought in and put in an empty cell. The gaoler locked the door, scolded the prisoners who were watching from the other cells, and left. The young man leaned against the bars, stared at the back of the jailer as he disappeared, and then looked left and right, surveying the cell. The prisoner in the cell next to him sat huddled in a corner, only rolling his eyelids to look at him, and then lowering his head again. The young man looked around for a moment, then went to the prison bar next door and asked the prisoner in a low voice, "Excuse me, brother, how often do these jailers come in to patrol?" The man raised his eyelids and said, "What's the harm? This is a prisoner on death row, a person who is going to die. What does it matter whether they patrol or not?" That childe elder brother made an expression of disgust, hate track: "Die?"? Who the *** wants to die? So what? To enter here is to wait for death. The playboy stopped talking. He sat down and leaned against the bars. Passed a little while, ask: "Brother, how do you call?" "Luo Ping." "My surname is Bai," said the young man. "I'm called Bai Laosi. "Outsiders call me Fourth Master Bai." Luo Ping sneered, "Four?"? Die. Bai Laosi glared at him and said, "It's not so easy to kill you.". They'll see! The words are very sure, as if there are some plans. Luo Ping finally has some interest in him, it seems that this playboy is a character, but also love to brag about publicity. He leaned over and asked in a low voice, "Fourth Master Bai, what did you do?" Bai Laosi stared, "What can I do?"? Just a few women, his mother, Chen Ergou that bastard. He's waiting. I can't kill him when I go out. Luo Ping did not speak. Bai Laosi glared at him again. "What about you? Why did you come in?" Luo Ping squeaked and didn't answer much. Bai Laosi did not ask this,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, but said, "When are you going to die?" Luo Ping did not speak. He pursed his lips tightly. It took him a long time to answer, "It won't be long." 。
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