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Qin Di (4th Jan 23 at 4:48am UTC)Quote Reply
Through mental induction. He clearly "saw" that Phil Jackson used his unique method to force Nina to admit defeat, and his heart finally let go, when he saw that the seven powerful curses could explode at any time. Very anxious, unfortunately. He couldn't do anything at that time. Until Nina threw in the towel. He was relieved. Later. He saw Qin Shang and Nina finally came together, sincerely happy for them, to see the arrival of Sura, more excitement filled in his heart. But. None of these can hide the pain he has suffered. The clearer feeling made him feel every pain in his body deeply. Controlled by Phil Jackson into the body of pure element-free, a body began to repair the meridians in the body, before the super artifact withered wood dragon Yin Qin to dispel the thunder and lightning bombardment of Thor's hammer has brought unbearable pain to Ye Yinzhu, and at this time no element-free influx, triggered the repair of the Bauhinia blood but made the pain more enhanced several times, you know. Every meridian in the human body is connected to countless nerve endings, and the intense pain, like the strongest spiritual impact, constantly stimulates the spiritual sea and spiritual brand of Ye Yinzhu. Without the protection of Phil Jackson's soul, even if Ye Yinzhu's mind is firm. It is impossible to bear in the face of such pain. However, although the spiritual brand has been protected. But the pain he felt clearly still made him die again and again, and in the process, Ye Yinzhu suddenly appeared. Being conscious is such a terrible thing. The painful process lasted for three days. Three days of time. The inner meridians of Ye Yinzhu's body have completely turned purple, and the powerful repair ability from Amethyst's blood helps him to repair the damaged meridians, and to bear the intense pain of the three worlds, which also makes Ye Yinzhu's mental strength have an indescribable breakthrough. Such a strong stimulus, not to mention him, even the sub-god level master can not bear to live. With such stimulation, there is no doubt that his mental strength has been greatly exercised, just like forging steel in high temperature. Now Ye Yinzhu's spiritual sea is as firm as the refined steel that has been forged. If he faces Ferguson's spiritual magic again now. There was never any problem withstanding it, and that's what Phil Jackson wanted to keep him awake. Phil Jackson, who is all too familiar with the cultivation of mental strength, knows that although this method is overbearing, stainless steel 304 pipes ,aluminium coated steel tube, it is by no means the promotion of pulling out seedlings, and the pain of the three worlds is extremely tragic. But the effect is also the best. From the fourth day. Those pure elements that stimulate the blood of amethyst begin to wander around Ye Yinzhu's body, and the energy brought by Thor's hammer and the super-artifact Dead Wood Dragon Yin Qin when they wake up also begins to change from wandering to merging, gradually merging with Ye Yinzhu's original power. Since Ye Yinzhu took over the death five hundred. Led the death of five hundred soldiers into the far north wasteland experience. Later, he took part in the seven-nation and seven-dragon qualifying battle. After the qualifying battle, he was seriously injured by a sneak attack and challenged by the six-way decision. This successive incident made him overdraw his body. Even if he wasn't mauled at the end. Will also be bound to a serious illness, the body fell to the dark injury will also have a great impact on his future practice. Phil Jackson as a demigod. It has been hidden in the Dragon Soul Ring of Ye Yin Bamboo. He knew more about his physical condition than he did, and only he could come up with such a new way to help Ye Yinzhu recover. Finally. After a full four days, these days, Ye Yinzhu all the consumption and fatigue finally recovered, the body of the hidden wounds and hidden troubles are also in this total of seven days of rebirth, the surface seems. He is still the former Ye Yinzhu. But after being reborn. He turned into a piece of uncut jade, and it was a purple uncut jade. Phil Jackson used a special method to pave the way for Ye Yinzhu to become a sub-god. His eyes slowly opened, and no brilliance was released. But that gentle and lustrous eyes make everyone feel at ease, the overbearing killing machine brought by the heart of Ziwei Qin has been fully integrated into the origin of Ye Yinzhu. Will no longer affect his mood, and his fighting spirit and magic. In the course of this painful experience, he did not retreat but advanced. Both of them broke through to the second level of purple. I'm fine.
"A smile appeared on Ye Yinzhu's handsome face, and the sunny smile immediately relieved everyone.". Purple opened her eyes almost at the same time as Ye Yinzhu. Looking at Ye Yinzhu, he couldn't help laughing and said, "Yinzhu, your image is not very good!"! Let's go clean it up first. 。“ "Uh.." Ye Yinzhu looked down at himself. Not to mention the coke falling on the ground, in the magic robe of Shenyuan, other parts of his body also have the same situation of coke peeling, which is really uncomfortable at this time. He quickly complained to the crowd, got up and ran, turning into a purple light and disappearing in front of the crowd. Looking at Ye Yinzhu's discomfited appearance, the carefree and dripping laughter immediately spread throughout the radius of 100 meters. In two hours. The mansion of the Lord of Qin City. Tidy up your own Ye Yinzhu. Stand in front of everyone again, just. Now he looks really weird. Although the face seems to be more handsome than before. But now he has a bald head. A little bit of light. There will be a reflection effect. Look at the gold Bimondi kept saying, I didn't expect Lord Qin Di to become the same as me. Yin Zhu, you won't be able to grow this head. Mei Ying said with some concern. Ye Yinzhu touched his bald head and felt a little uncomfortable. Embarrassed tunnel: "Should not.". Mom, don't worry, it will be all right after a while. His answer no doubt drew another burst of laughter. At this time. The four alien clans of Qin City and the eight strong clans of Donglong are all in the hall of the Lord's mansion. Since Dong Long Ba Zong came here. This is the first time that the atmosphere is so harmonious. Unknown Taishang elder stepped forward a few steps,beam impact tubes, "Yin Zhu.". I take back the last order of the elders. You are still the suzerain of the two clans of Qin and Zhu. Meanwhile. I propose that you become the fourth supreme elder. I've consulted with others before. Everyone has no objection. You have proved your loyalty to our East Dragon Empire with your own strength and actions. Here, on behalf of East Dragon, I would like to express my deep apology to you and the friends of Qin City. Our East Dragon Empire is willing to live in peace with the aborigines of Qin City without aggression. 。
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