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Wu. Move . *** . Kun (4th Jan 23 at 4:44am UTC)Quote Reply
The cry of Pteroceltis tatarinowii continued, as if she was going to cry out all the hardships and grievances that had been suppressed for three years. Later, Lin looked at the wet chest and felt helpless. He rubbed the little head of the girl in his arms with his palm and said, "Hey, haven't you cried enough?"? You are now the Lord of the Temple of Darkness. The girl in her bosom sobbed softly. Then she raised her big red eyes. She looked at the mature and familiar face. She twitched her jade nose and said, "Brother Lin..". I knew it You'll be all right. "I'm all right, but I'm afraid you'll have something to do." Lin moved a faint glance at her, with a slightly unfriendly look. Pteroceltis tatarinowii and he grew up, his temperament is naturally extreme understanding, to see him like this is to understand. The big eyes rolled, the small face suddenly emerged the color of grievance, slender hands holding Lin Dong refused to let go. Don't give me that. I'll deal with you later when the trouble here is solved. Lin Dong snorted coldly and said. Hearing this, Pteroceltis tatarinowii also came to his senses, and the cold light in his eyes passed by. As soon as the jade hand grasped, the dark holy sickle swept into her hand. Immediately she loosened Lin Dong and looked at the two elders in the distant sky with cold eyes. She said, "Brother Lin Dong, let me get rid of them this time." "Whoo." But her words just fell. Lin moved his palm and pinched her face. He pulled her hard and said angrily, "Get out of my way. When I'm here, you don't want to do it." Pteroceltis tatarinowii was ravaged by Lin Dong, and his little face suddenly wrinkled up, which made the eyelids of the strong people in the dark court behind him jump slightly,plastic pallet bins, and the impact of this scene on them was too great. They are very powerful. Pteroceltis tatarinowii Road, the strength of these two elders is more terrible than the three giants of the yuan Gate.. "Now your brother is more powerful." Lin moved a smile. Patted the head of the green sandalwood, that look is gradually cooling down, previously the two old things to the green sandalwood that aggressive line, but he clearly see in the eyes, the thought of green sandal this little girl was so treated by them, his heart is unable to help but have a murderous surge, in addition to parents at home can teach this little girl,plastic pallet price, Even he couldn't bear to drink, scold, and bully these two immortal things. What kind of onion is it? See Lin Dong's face. Pteroceltis tatarinowii also had some sweet feelings in his heart, and then nodded obediently. I don't know where this friend is? Why meddle in the affairs of my temple of darkness? At this time, the two elders in the sky saw the intimacy between Lin Dong and Pteroceltis tatarinowii. He frowned and shouted in a deep voice. Lin Dong turned around slowly and looked at the two elders in the sky with an indifferent face. "You had a good time bullying people before, didn't you?" He said. "This, my friend, is a matter within our temple of darkness." "Pteroceltis tatarinowii is my sister." Lin moved his face with a sharp smile like a blade. Two too elder complexion a stagnation, look more and more gloomy down, who did not expect, this looks lonely little girl, unexpectedly also has such a powerful eldest brother support, why never heard of before? In the dark square, the countless strong people in the North Xuanyu also looked at each other. It turned out that the new temple master had such a strong eldest brother. Looking at what the two elders had done to Pteroceltis tatarinowii before, I'm afraid her eldest brother would never give up. Even if you are her eldest brother, collapsible bulk containers ,drum spill pallet, but the matter at present, also needs her to give us the dark temple thousands of temple disciples an explanation only then to go. The two elders said in a cold voice. Explain Lin Dong seemed to smile, and in his eyes, the idea of killing came out like a flood: "If you two old and immortal things are solved, you don't need any explanation, do you?" At present, the situation of the temple of darkness was particularly clear to him, but it was these two old guys who relied on their old age and bullied others, which made many people in the temple of darkness dare not speak. As long as they were solved, these things would be solved naturally.
"Hum, arrogant boy, want to solve old husband two people, then you come to try!" When the two elders heard this, their eyes were also cold and flashing. Although they could perceive the difficulties of Lin Dong, they did not have much fear. The strength of reincarnation was enough to make them look down on all the heroes. They did not believe that the boy who looked not much bigger than Pteroceltis tatarinowii really had the ability to fight against them! "Is it?" Lin Dong also grinned, but in the smile, there was a ferocious diffuse out, and then its body moved, directly appeared in the sky, hands a grip, only to see the sky above, thunderclouds fiercely gathered, amazing thunder in which crazy condensation. yuan Li of the whole heaven and earth fluctuated violently at this time. Boom! Seeing this, the breath in the two elders burst out in an instant, and the monstrous yuan force swept through them. In the yuan force, there was a thick wave of reincarnation, which made people feel afraid. Big Dark Palm! Two people's handprints change, and then shout out loud, unexpectedly at the same time first shot, vast yuan Li into a dark and incomparable giant palm, shatter the void, mercilessly to Lin move angrily patted away. Lin moved his eyes. Thunder flash, step out, only to see countless thunder suddenly crazy roar down, finally mixed with thick Tianwei, heavy split on the two dark giant palms, thunder flash, violent thunder power, directly is the two dark giant palms shattered away. Swish! The Dark Palms collapse. Lin Dong's body suddenly turned into a flash of lightning, a punch blasted out, a burst of thunder, and a huge brontosaurus of thousands of feet roared out. Dark Shield! The two elders shouted out loud, only to see yuan Li crazy in front of the condensation, into a huge dark shield. On the surface of the shield, there is a cycle of fluctuation and circulation. Boom! Brontosaurus hard impact on the shield of darkness, thunder burst, a violent force to the extreme, crazy erosion,plastic pallet crates, the moment is to make the shield of darkness covered with cracks, and finally bang, completely exploded. Whew!.
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