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Soul Drum-Cao Ruobing _ txt Novel Paradise (14th Dec 22 at 12:42am UTC)Quote Reply
Guo yuansheng and the God of poverty stood aside, and when they saw that the mother and son of the Pipa Empress seemed to have forgotten their arrival and turned a blind eye to their questions and answers, they could not help shrugging their shoulders and smiling bitterly at each other! But Guo yuansheng faintly recognized Ouyang Jie, the "black phoenix," and went to the "Guanghan Tower" in the Tianshan Mountains to get married. Listening to his tone, he seemed to be the holy and beautiful girl in white, the heir of the "Holy Mother of Guanghan."! As soon as Guo yuansheng thought of the girl of the Bai family, a cool and noble beautiful image came into his mind, but unexpectedly she had an engagement with the "Black Phoenix"! Guo yuansheng had an indescribable sense of regret in his heart, but he thought that Ouyang Jie, the "black phoenix", was young and handsome. He was famous in Wulin and the girl in white was a pair of wall people. He could not help but feel that it was a happy marriage. Just then, the poor God felt impatient and could not help coughing gently. Pipa's mother and daughter were startled. They immediately stopped talking and turned to Guo yuansheng. First Pipa asked coldly, "What did you get from the'Phoenix Valley 'in exchange?" When Guo yuansheng was about to open his mouth to answer, the poor God said first, "An iron box!" As soon as this remark was made, the Pipa Empress heard it like a thunderbolt. Her face suddenly changed in surprise. "What kind of iron box?" She asked in a hurry. The poor God smiled coldly and showed it to Guo yuansheng. Guo yuansheng had no choice but to take out the iron box from his bosom and show it. As soon as Pipa saw the iron box, her face changed again and her body trembled. The God of poverty laughed in his heart and asked Guo yuansheng to put away the iron box. "Listen to old Ouyang," he said softly. "This iron box seems to contain the music score of'Twisting the Universe 'from the'Pipa Ancient Score'." When the Pipa Lady heard this, her eyes were on fire. She was so excited that she asked Guo yuansheng, "Waer, what do you want in exchange?" When asked by the Pipa Empress, they guessed that the Pipa Empress did not know what they were asking for, and that the Piba Empress must have robbed a lot of other people's things on weekdays! Then Guo yuansheng said coldly, "Star Sword!" When Pipa Niangniang heard this, she turned pale and hurriedly turned to "Purple Phoenix." Ouyang Huixiu's face was also ugly for a while, and she nodded her head slightly. Pipa's face suddenly changed and she said coldly, "Although Huier gave me the'Star Sword ', it was stolen this morning." When Guo yuansheng and Qiongshen heard this, they turned pale with fright. "Really?" They asked. Pipa's face turned pale. "Why did I lie to you?" She asked in a deep voice. The two of them had thought that the "purple phoenix" was telling them, but now the Pipa Empress spoke out in person. Looking at her, she did not seem to be talking, so the two of them were greatly disappointed. At the same time, they sighed and kept silent! A long time! Pipa Empress suddenly opened her mouth and said to Guo yuansheng, "Then you are the heir of Yinhan Shaxing!"! Guo yuansheng! Kuo yuan-sheng nodded coldly, but the poor God sneered, "Yes!"! He was about to end the 50-year contract of death for his teacher, Yinhan Shaxing, with the'Star Mang Sword ', but he didn't want to frustrate his teacher's reputation for the sake of the sword! The Pipa Empress could not help but feel ashamed and said apologetically, "I have often seized other people's martial arts treasures for the sake of my great wish in my life. It is really my sin to miss your great event and I am deeply disturbed." Although Guo yuansheng was angry in his heart, he said with a sigh, "There's no need for the elder to blame himself. Since I, Guo yuansheng, can't get the'Star Mang Sword 'back for the time being, I'll have my own time to get it back in the future. Tomorrow's appointment, the younger generation has decided to go to the meeting with my bare hands in the name of my teacher." Then he raised his hand and bowed to the Pipa Empress and the God of Poverty. "In that case," he said, outdoor digital signage displays , "the younger generation will retire first." As soon as she turned around, she wanted to stride away, but the Pipa Empress shouted, "Stop!" Guo yuansheng frowned and slowly turned around and asked, "What else can I do for you?" "If you want to go, leave the'iron box 'behind," Pipa said thoughtfully. "Humph!"! Ouyang Laoguan generation life just to iron box for sword, now'star sword'is not, just no reason to leave'iron box '! ". "If you leave the iron box first, I guarantee with my personality that within a month, the sword will be found and handed over to you!" "The younger generation is too angry to obey orders!" Guo yuansheng answered coldly and then turned away. The Pipa Empress was furious. "You want to die!" She shouted. The body quickly deceives, straight to Guo yuansheng.
Guo yuansheng had expected that Pipa Niangniang would not stop working. Pipa Niangniang's body was moving. Guo yuansheng was ready to start, but! The poor God laughed and said, "Empress, they didn't change anything. Why did they leave the'iron box '?" When Pipa Niangniang palm wind inch, suddenly heard a strange laugh, gray shadow flash, block in front of Guo yuansheng, send out a palm, hard to dissolve Pipa Niangniang's fierce palm strength invisible. "All right," said the Pipa Empress furiously! "You're a mischievous beggar!" The poor God shrugged his shoulders and smiled. Kuo yuan-sheng blushed slightly and bowed to the God of poverty, saying, "Thank you for your help, old-timer!"! See you later! Then he did not stop, and his body quickly floated up and climbed over the high wall of the courtyard! But when the Pipa Empress saw that Guo yuansheng had gone, she couldn't help being anxious. She wanted to stand up and stop Guo yuansheng, but the poor God's palms were like shadows, and she couldn't be separated. So she hurriedly told Ouyang Hui, "Huier!"! Go and stop him! "Yes," Ouyang Hui answered. But a flash of apricot shoulder disease, such as flying arrow out of the string, Jiao body straight to Zhuangyuan long fall! Said Guo yuansheng out of Zhuangyuan, then hurriedly QingGong, such as the wind and gallop! But! Only then did the body float out ten smart feet. "Guo Xianggong, please stay," he called out in a charming voice behind him. As soon as Guo yuansheng raised his eyebrows, he immediately stopped his figure, but when he turned around, he saw Ouyang Huiji coming like lightning. His handsome face was covered with evil spirits, and he stood still and waited. Ouyang Hui had arrived in the blink of an eye, but when she saw that Guo yuansheng's face was not right, she could not help but feel cold! Guo yuansheng snorted coldly, "What can I do for you to stop Guo?" Zifeng seemed to have a lot to say, but when she heard Guo yuansheng's cold words, she was at a loss for words. She was stunned, and her lips were ready to move, and she wanted to speak and stop. Guo yuansheng was greatly discontented. He frowned and wanted to speak. "I have nothing else to say," said Zifeng. "But I had no choice but to seize the sword. Please forgive me." Guo yuansheng then said coldly, "If the girl doesn't have any advice, Guo will go ahead." As soon as he turned around, he wanted to leave, but before he could step, Zifeng shouted in a coquettish voice, "Wait a minute, Xianggong!" 。
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