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Bound stone (14th Dec 22 at 12:41am UTC)Quote Reply
I feel like a fool hiking in the desert, losing his mind by the scorching desert and the scorching sun, knowing that there is no water ahead, but still struggling, wearing out his knees, overdrawing his strength, but still expecting something in his heart. I know even if Liuli doesn't tell me. I don't have anything, not even time. I was supposed to be desperate, but more and more, so strong, stubborn, almost extreme in the desire for something that seems to be called love. I fumbled for the cover of the scroll, and I remembered what was written on it. Hanjun actually did not tell the truth, or maybe, he actually did not understand, there is, I can choose, the third way. "Squeak-" When the sound of pushing the door sounded, the moonlight had not yet come out, and I did not know how long I had been sitting there, with all the cold food at hand. Yi Yang did not step into the door, and his tall and thin figure was framed into a picture by the door frame. I looked at him in a dull way,touch screen digital signage, and the blood of the school yard came to my mind unnaturally. He is now at the door, Mo Ming put on a draught of wind, put up his sleeve robe, like immortal wind and bone. Intersection of the line of sight, close to the people as if separated by a lifetime. Under the gorgeous appearance, what has rotted? I closed my eyes. Finally, I heard him sigh lightly, and heard the sound of Haloxylon ammodendron when he turned around. When I opened my eyes,digital whiteboard price, the new moonlight just draped over his back. "Let me go," I said. Yi Yang stopped and did not look back. "Impossible." "Then kill me." I say. He froze for a moment and slowly turned his head, his clear eyes sparkling in the shallow light like a snow-melted spring: "Over my dead body." Rippling eyes seem to contain the luster of the moon at this moment. Without moving, I sat and watched as if I were going to turn into stone. He could not wait for an answer and walked away slowly. A head out of the door frame, Qianmei lying in the doorway to look at me, and look at the departure of Yi Yang. I moved my arm, which was almost paralyzed, and said casually, "Are you all right?" "Nothing," she stood out in a big way, and changed into a simple but elegant dress. "Most of the Tiannu Hall has collapsed. I also live here, in the South Side Hall. I went out for a walk when I was full, but I didn't expect to bump into him by accident. Qianmei herself came in and sat on a stool at random. What's the matter with you two? It's all like a child, and it can't be worn out. "Yes." I was so annoyed that I just wanted her to go quickly, so I answered vaguely. I guess you must be blocking your heart to be Phyllin Snow again, facial recognition thermometer ,interactive kiosk price, don't you? She asked me with a shallow smile. ……” "In fact, there is no other way for Tianshi. The disputes among the forces on Tianshan Mountain are complicated. Several forces supporting Dangfei actually have internal rivalries and do not give in to each other. Although Dangfei has risen up, it is impossible to give up halfway. Seven of the nine departments are at odds with Dangfei. Since Dangfei's rise up, there have been several folds to kill Tianshi to follow suit, you know." Nowadays, the nine departments and eighteen ways are the most reliable forces under the Tianshi, and several flag owners are also staring at the actions of the Tianshi. When the step of Fei Linxue, you can't go. “……” "I'm surprised that when Fei died, she died. I haven't seen you have any friendship with her before. Why did you suddenly become like a two-rib fork knife for her?" I was silent for a moment, staring into her dewy eyes and suddenly asked, "How do you know so much?" Dazed for a moment, she covered her mouth and said with a smile, "All right, I won't hide it from you. I already know half of this, and the other half is what the heavenly teacher told me today.". Deliberately want me to be a messenger. "Can't he say it himself?" I said coldly. I think he's afraid of you and doesn't dare to say it himself. With that, Qianmei giggled. I did not smile, still sitting with a stiff face. Qianmei saw that I was bored, so she stopped laughing. Holding her head in one hand, she thought for a moment and said, "First write the orchid leaves on the inkstone, and then move the evening lamp to draw the pine and plum blossoms.". The answer to the riddle is'the seas run dry and the rocks crumble '. Is it your puzzle? I looked up at her. The night before Lixian Pavilion, I went to Huiyi Hall to look for Tianshi. When I saw Tianshi staring at these words in a daze and seeing me coming, he asked me what the meaning of "the seas run dry and the rocks crumble" was.
” Qianmei's eyes are gentle, as soft as the falling moonlight: "The Catholic Church's Bani Sutra says that God gives all people equal suffering and happiness. Some people suffer more when they are young, and they will be more comfortable when they are old; some people are more beautiful when they are young, and they will be more down-and-out when they get old.". Tianshi was too beautiful, but even the phrase "the seas run dry and the rocks crumble" made him feel extravagant and unbelievable. He may be my brother, but I never had blood feelings for him. Only at that moment, he was holding that sentence by the dim candle, asking me like a child, and I suddenly felt, brother. Very poor.. It's like waiting for someone all the time. I've been waiting all my life. "I know my words can't change you, maybe you think I have evil intentions," she laughed at herself, "I also have evil intentions, I hope you can warm at the same time secretly expect you not to choose Feibai.. I, I know that now I simply do not deserve to fly white, know that should not expect, should bless him, as long as he is happy, how all good. But I can't be that great. I always secretly think of him, secretly look forward to. It's silly, isn't it? She smiled with tears in her eyes. When Fei died, the Heavenly Master said that in any case, the funeral should be held according to the guard of honor of the Catholic Dharma Protector. Liepai mourning hall. The posthumous title of the Dharma Protector.. It really takes a lot of time to get these empty things now, Tianshi. "Nothing can make up for it. No matter how much superficial work is done, who can see it?" I refuted coldly. She choked for a moment and sighed, "It's all right. It's empty for others and sad for herself." I thought about it and said, "Qianmei,temperature scanning kiosks, I want to ask you a favor." "Hey," Qian Mei opened her eyes wide, "please help me?" 。
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