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All-round wizard (2nd Dec 22 at 12:42am UTC)Quote Reply
Qin Fang made a special call to Lin Hai, Ji jiāo took the place of his own arrangements, and then asked him to give the technical data and samples Ji jiāo to Chen Jiangnan. As for the rest, there was no need for too many Ji jiā o. With Chen Jiangnan's ability, he knew how to deal with it. But Qin Fang took advantage of this time, even Tang Feifei's invitation was shirked, and the second set of technical data was sorted out in the room, and then Ji Jiāo gave it to Lin Hai, so that he could secretly organize people to start research, but all of it was kept secret from the outside world. Apart from being responsible for Qin Fang himself, even Chen Jiangnan was not allowed to reveal it. Although Lin Hai is a technology madman, not particularly reasonable, but he and Chen Jiangnan this period of time contact many times, also know what kind of Chen Jiangnan this person is Xing case, but did not have any dissatisfaction with Qin Fang such secrecy, but with Qin Fang suggested that Chen Jiangnan not appear in the laboratory. For this request, although Qin Fang did not directly agree to come down, but still with Lin Hai a little bit of "reveal", want to separate the laboratory from the research Institute, let Lin Hai help s s è candidates, for the establishment of a new private laboratory to do some preliminary work. Lin Hai did not hesitate to this,endless pool swim spa, immediately agreed to come down, in such institutions, the restrictions of rules and regulations for these technicians is really a kind of suffering, so there will be no hesitation to agree, perhaps also has Qin Fang promised to give him the identity of the head of the laboratory. bk Chapter 244 pulling the red line. "Qin Shao, why did Nong come back in a broken car?" Ning Weiqiang did not let Qin Fang down, and soon sent someone to send the Porsche, which had been basically scrapped,outdoor whirlpool, to Qin Fang, and such a broken Qin Fang was naturally sent directly back to the wood factory. Both Leizi and Shen Liang expressed considerable curiosity, although they could also see that the car was an expensive Porsche. Don't mention it, the car was borrowed from a friend. "As a result, it crashed like this and lost more than one million yuan. It can't be thrown away like this. It's ready for Nong to come back and repair.." Qin Fang was telling the truth. Ning Weiqiang had already agreed with his friends on the price of compensation. It was not particularly outrageous, but it also cost Qin Fang more than one million yuan. By the way, he also took Ning Weiqiang's favor. "Tut, that's more than a million." Leizi and Shen Liang can not help but listen to it, it is in front of this almost can not see the prototype of the broken car also needs more than one million, for them is really unimaginable. Don't think about it. If this car hadn't won me more than five million yuan, I wouldn't have paid for it. Qin Fang said with a smile, this is also his own actual idea, "when it is repaired," put it here, outdoor spa manufacturers ,outdoor hot tub, you who want to open it and take it away. " "Then thank Qin Shao!" Leizi and Shen Liang looked at each other and immediately smiled. This car is out of shape, but if it's repaired, even if it's broken again, it's a Porsche, and the average person can't afford to drive it. It's not that Qin Fang doesn't want to keep it for himself. It's just that it's too conspicuous and the structure is too clever. "It's not Qin Fang's favorite type, but he saw several Hummers, Land Rovers or Grand Cherokees in Longquan Mountain, which are more suitable for his appetite. If he buys a car, he will probably choose this style.". But the repair still needs to be done slowly. "The car drove into the factory building, and when Qin Fang was free, he repaired it, or modified it, but he was not in a hurry.". Things still have to come one by one. "Fortunately, the most important thing is to deal with Chen Jiangnan, but Qin Fang is leisurely down to continue to muddle through the school, every day in addition to class is to go to the library to read books.". That Oxford dictionary has been read by Qin Fang, now Qin Fang has a very fluent English, but unfortunately in addition to himself, really no one knows. Considering the imminent contact with international manufacturers of lithium batteries, most of which are Japanese, Qin Fang began to specialize in Japanese after learning English.
As a former vassal state of the Dragon Kingdom, the language of Japan, an island country, was not born for a long time, and now there are many Chinese characters in Japanese, so the speed of Qin Fang's learning is quite fast. English class is the most relaxed class of Qin Fang, English teacher Xia Yun and Qin Fang is too familiar, occasionally and Qin Fang will eat together, with the relationship between Fanning, Xia Yun also turned a blind eye to Qin Fang. One day, Qin Fang had no classes and went to the library to read books as usual. Later, he remembered that he had not taken his mobile phone and returned to the dormitory to get it. Several other people all went to class. Xiao Nan was the only one in the dormitory. As soon as Qin Fang entered Mmén, he found that Xiao Nan suddenly moved the mouse, "as if he was closing something." What are you doing, second brother? Qin Fang didn't care much about it, but asked casually while looking for it. No Nothing! It's just that Xiao Nan, who always speaks fluently, stammered unexpectedly, and Qin Fang was also slightly stunned. "I said," You're not going to steal while your brothers are not alone.. " When Qin Fang found it, he looked up and saw that Xiao Nan's sè was not very natural, so he immediately laughed and joked. Get out of here. Only then did Xiao Nan return to normal and immediately threw his pillow over with a bang. That's more like you! "I thought you were doing something wrong." Qin Fang teased again, perhaps a prank of Xing quality, Qin Fang conveniently lost a mind reading in Xiao Nan's body, did not expect to succeed. "Er.." This time succeeded, but let Qin Fang surprised to discover a fact, immediately looked at Xiao Nan with very strange eyes,indoor endless pool, the eyes of Xiao Nan are straight hair m máo. Laosi, don't look at me like that, OK? I'm not gay. ,”。
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