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After wearing each other with the school grass, I (2nd Dec 22 at 12:30am UTC)Quote Reply
Yao Xunan also slanted his head to look at the past, and saw the man sitting upright, basically what she had just left, and what she is now. Under the auspices of Yang Xiaolu, he changed his normal state and seemed unable to let go. In the crowd thousands of calls, Gu Yifei just slightly slanted his head, staring at the crowd for a moment, straight to see Yang Xiao recorded to turn around. So what.. Since brother Fei doesn't want to say it, let me say it. As soon as Yang Xiaolu's voice fell, he saw Gu Yifei waving to him. Yang Xiaolu was confused: "What's wrong?" Gu Yifei: "Microphone." Yang Xiaolu hurriedly reacts to come over, the person on the side also follows to hand over the microphone past. Gu Yifei took the microphone, turned around in his hand, turned on the switch, and then slowly said a few words: "Happy Birthday.". Yao Xunan. Everyone clapped and booed blindly. The ghost of instant noodles was also very devoted and followed him to the front. Yao Xunan looked at Gu Yifei, the other side sitting on the sofa, in the light of colorful lights, a handsome face was dyed red, green, yellow, purple, he slightly squinted, did not blink, always looking at her. There was a happy background sound of happy birthday in the room,fine bubble diffuser, as well as the voices of the rest of the people, but Yao Xunan seemed to be unable to hear it. She heard only her own voice, her own heartbeat, and the blush that crept up her cheeks in the darkness. This is the second time Gu Yifei said happy birthday to her, compared to just said to her, with a little helplessness, this time said, the voice seems to be a little lower pressure, with some kind of magic. Yao Xunan nodded with a smile and said,wall penstocks, "Thank you." She quickly averted her eyes and looked at the cake in front of her. Yao Xunan lowered his head, hid his crimson, and changed the subject: "When will it be dismantled?" "Cake is not busy first!"! Sister Nan, come on, let me show you the gift that brother Fei has prepared for you! Yang Xiaolu said, and took out the things he had just moved in. Look very weighty two boxes, the appearance is pink wrapping paper, there is a delicate bow above, a look is a gift for girls. Yao Xunan's heartbeat could not be suppressed. Sister Nan, guess what?! Yang Xiaolu is mysterious. Yao Xunan did not know, she shook her head, also did not dare to look at the side of Gu Yifei. Sister Nan, brother Fei bought this for you specially. Don't you really guess? Yang Xiaolu emphasized the word "specially". Yao Xunan's lips became more and more irrepressible, and she was afraid that as soon as she spoke, she could not help being happy. Let her guess what it is? "It seems a little heavy. I think it might be some kind of ornament." "Clothes, shoes and bags?"? Don't girls like these? Or cosmetics? A group of people are more and more not serious. Yao Xunan also guessed, Dissolved Gas Flotation ,Lamella Plate Settler, unrestrained, was reminded by the crowd, he felt that he was really like the little princess in the hands of Gu Yifei, loved. At this time, Gu Yifei also stood up, his fingers carelessly took a fork, fork a piece of fruit, sent to Yao Xunan's mouth. Yao Xunan Yu Guang was still watching Gu Yifei, and then he saw the strawberry between his long fingers. Yao Xunan turned his head: "?" Gu Yifei picked his chin and asked Yao Xunan why he didn't open his mouth. Yao Xunan opened his mouth and took the strawberry in, and the juice overflowed, fragrant and sweet. Yao Xunan thought Gu Yifei had any follow-up, but Gu Yifei did nothing. The boys talked about abusing the dog and picked something to eat from the dinner plate. Open it. Gu Yifei, a Yangba, interrupted Yang Xiaolu's tantalizing nonsense. Yang Xiaolu sighed and reluctantly opened the well-wrapped gift. And Yao Xunan is also a little embarrassed, what gift to give, to open face to face? She thought of before, Gu Yifei asked her what she liked, then he was preparing for the present? Yao Xunan is happy, but suddenly a meal, she thought of how she answered Gu Yifei at that time. At that time, Gu Yifei asked, "Do you have anything in particular you want?" Yao Xunan answers: "Be that, what golden list examination questions come?" With a sound, the wrapping paper of the gift was torn in front of Yao Xunan. Yao Xunan looked at Gu Yifei, with a faint smile on his face, calm and indifferent. It's not what she thinks, is it? At least it's her birthday.
“surprise!” Yang Xiaolu opened it, and everyone looked up and stared out of their eyes. Wow, what is this? "Is this a gift from Brother Fei?" "New version of college entrance examination answers, Huanggang question bank.." Instant Noodle Ghost Excited: "Whoa! Whoa!"! Brother Fei is so romantic! Nannan, look, Nannan! Everyone's face was like, 'Wow, what a terrible scene I've seen.'. And the more they are surprised, Gu Yifei's smile is deeper, they seem to read is not a gift, but Gu Yifei's great achievements, each sentence can give Gu Yifei a layer of golden light. In this golden light, Yao Xunan was blinded by the flash, and was shocked by the noise of the ghost of instant noodles. She looked forward to the gift that had not arrived for half an hour, or even fifteen minutes! It's really all books! "Nannan, is not moved to speak ah ~" instant noodles ghost in Yao Xunan's side, eyes are full of small stars. Every subject has a thick pile, which makes everyone look silly. Gu Yifei also looked at Yao Xunan at this time, as if he wanted to see some surprise on her face, however, Yao Xunan was once again silly in front of Gu Yifei. Gu Yifei seemed to realize something. He frowned slightly and asked, "What's wrong?"? Not happy? Yao Xunan shook his head, hooked his lips and raised them again. No, I'm happy. I'm really happy. Thank you. You really know what I lack and send it. Yao Xunan's tone is also very sincere. At this time, Yao Xunan remembered the fear of being dominated by small biscuits before. The last time is the same, Gu Yifei asked her what she wanted to eat,Mechanical fine screen, she for the convenience of Gu Yifei, casually said a biscuit is also OK. Then, then Gu Yifei prepared a day of cookies for her. This is not a simple word of terror to describe the mood at this time.
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