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Lord of the Rings - Posted By Johnson (johnson45) on 10th Jan 23 at 1:37am
"But I can't leave Eomer, who is brave and good at fighting, and he won't stay," the king said in embarrassment. "And he is the last member of the royal family." "I don't mean Eomer," Hama replied. "And he's not the last royal. And Eowyn, his sister's daughter. She was so brave and energetic that people all over the country loved her. Let her be the leader of Rohan when we leave! "Let's do it!" "Pass the word," said Theoden. "Princess Eowyn will lead them." The king sat down, and Eowyn took a sword and a beautiful crown from him. Farewell, Queen! "This is a dangerous time," he said. "But maybe we have a chance to go back to the Golden Palace. However, the people of Denhalo need a wise leader to lead them, and if the war is lost, the remnants of the army will need your protection. "Don't say that!" She replied, "Every day will be like a year while you are away." But as she said this, her eyes drifted quietly to Aragorn. The king will return! He said, "Don't be afraid!"! Our real threat is not in the West, but in the East. The king then walked down the steps side by side with Gandalf, followed by the others. As he passed through the gate, Aragorn looked back. Eowyn stood alone in the doorway,silk cherry blossom tree, her sword propped up in front of her, the hilt of her sword in her hand, her shining chain mail shining silver in the sun. Gimli walked beside Legolas with an axe. Whew, here we go at last! He said, "Every time a man wants to do something, he always says a lot of things. My axe is tired of waiting. But I don't doubt the ability of these Rohan people in battle.". It's a pity that they are used to fighting differently from me. How can I fight with them? I want to be able to walk on two feet without having to bounce around Gandalf's saddle like a bag of luggage. "I think that's a safer place than most people," Legolas said. "But when the battle begins,faux ficus tree, Gandalf or Shadow will be happy to get rid of you. After all, axes are not suitable for riding." "Dwarves are not born knights. I am fit to cut off the necks of orcs, not to shave the heads of humans." Said Gimli, patting the handle of the axe. When they got to the city gate, they found that a large group of people, old and young, had assembled on horseback, and there were at least more than a thousand fighting forces in front of them, and their pikes were listed as amazing as the dense woods. When Theoden stepped forward, everyone cheered loudly. Some came to lead the king's horse, Snowmane, while others led horses for Legolas and Aragorn. Gimli frowned awkwardly, and Eomer led his horse to him. Hello, large artificial blossom trees ,faux grass wall, Gimli! He shouted: "You have not kept your promise, let me listen to the gentle and polite words beside you.". But can we put this aside for a moment? At least I won't say anything bad about the Queen of the Forest. "Eomer, I can forget that for a moment," Gimli said. "But if you ever get a chance to see Galadriel, you must agree that she is the most beautiful woman in the world, or our friendship will end." "It's settled," said Eomer! But until then, please forgive me for a while, and as an apology, I beg you to go to war with me. Gandalf and the Hussar ride side by side. If you like, my horse, Firehoof, will carry us both. "Thank you very much!" Gimli was very pleased to say, "If my companion Legolas would like to ride with us, I will be happy to accept your offer." "Let it be so," said Eomer! With Legolas on my left and Aragorn on my right, the combination will be unstoppable! "Where is the shadow disease?" Asked Gandalf. Walking on the grass! The crowd replied, "She won't let anyone touch him.". You see, she's by the river, like a shadow under a willow tree. Gandalf called out the name of his mount and whistled loudly, and the distant shadows whinnied like arrows at the assembled troops.
"It's like a westerly wind blowing, and shadows naturally appear in front of us." Said Eomer, as he watched the stallion run up to the wizard. It seems that the gift has come to you by itself. "Attention!" Said Theoden! I hereby proclaim that my guest Gandalf will always be my country's wisest adviser, my favorite wanderer, the nobleman of horses, the leader of Rohan, and I solemnly dedicate to him the King of Horses. "Thank you, King Theoden!" Said Gandalf. Then he threw off his gray cloak, dropped his hat, and leaped onto the horse's back. He wore no armor, his white hair was flying in the wind, and his white robe was shining in the sun. The White Knight is coming! Aragorn shouted, and all the people joined in. My King and the White Knight! "The hussars are off!" They shouted. The horn sounded, the horses raised their front hooves, and the pikes struck their shields. As soon as the king waved his hand, Rohan's forces galloped westward like wind and thunder. Eowyn stood alone at the gate of the silent palace, looking at the reflection of the tip of the gun on the prairie. UU Book uUtxT. COm Annotated Edition of Guangdong Documents Part 2 The Two Cities Section 7 Helm Valley Words: 10410. By the time they left Edoras, the sun had begun to set, and the light of the setting sun had stained the steppes of Rohan with golden flames. They followed a road to the northwest with white mountains and crossed many small rivers. Far to their right stood the misty mountains, growing taller and darker as they went. The sun sank slowly before them, and the twilight followed. Fearing that they would arrive too late, the horses pressed on at full speed,fake ficus tree, stopping only occasionally to rest. Rohan's good horses galloped well, but there were still many miles to go. The distance from Edoras to the crossing of the Isin was about 120 miles as the crow flies, and they hoped to join forces there to stop Saruman's invasion.